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(Brandied Fruits) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Boil the figs in water one and one-half hours, then drain and weigh. To
seven pounds fruit use the following syrup: Three pounds of sugar, one
pint of vinegar, two ounces of whole cinnamon, two ounces of whole
peppers, one ounce of cloves, one orange, and two lemons sliced. Boil
syrup one-half hour, add fruit and boil slowly two hours.

Other Recipes

Sweet Pickled Figs

To 7 pounds of ripe figs make a syrup of 3 pounds sugar, 1 quart

vinegar, a small handful of whole cloves, and boil five minutes. Remove

and set away to cool. The second day the syrup must be drained off and

poured over figs boiling hot; let them stand two days more, drain off

syrup and heat again. Just before it boils put figs in and let all boil

up together. Put in air-tight jars. Sugar for sweet pickles should

always be rich brown sugar.

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