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(Pickles And Relishes) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Pour hot salt water over the onions, which should be small and perfectly
white. Peel them with a silver spoon (a knife would injure their color),
and let them lay in a salt brine for two days. Then drain the onions and
boil enough vinegar to cover them. Throw the onions in the boiling
vinegar and let them boil only a few minutes. Take from the fire and lay
them in glass jars, with alternate layers of whole white peppercorns and
a few cloves (removing the soft heads, which would turn the onions
black), a stick of horseradish sliced, and mustard seed and dill (used
sparingly). When the jars are filled heat the vinegar and add a cup of
sugar to a gallon of vinegar. Cover the jars to overflowing with the
vinegar, and seal while hot.
Wash thoroughly a peck of green tomatoes, eight large white onions and
six green-bell peppers. Remove the seeds from the peppers. Slice all the
vegetables very thin. Put them in a stone jar; sprinkle a pint of salt
over them, add a pint of cold water. Cover them with a napkin and let
stand overnight.
In the morning put as much of the pickle as it will hold in a colander;
let cold water run over; drain the vegetables a moment, then turn them
from the colander into a large preserving kettle. Repeat the process
till all are in the kettle. Then add a quart of cider vinegar, a half
pint of tarragon vinegar, a pound of granulated sugar, a half pound of
yellow mustard seeds, four bay leaves, an ounce of stick cinnamon
(broken in short lengths), six whole cloves and stand the kettle over a
slow fire and let the whole simmer for an hour with the cover of the
kettle drawn back two inches. Stir the mixture frequently. At the end of
the hour put the pickle in a stone crock or in glass jars.

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Peel small white onions, and boil them in milk and water ten minutes;
drain off the milk and water, and pour over the onions scalding spiced

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From MRS. GENEVIEVE M. GUTHRIE, of Oklahoma, Lady Manager.
Wash and quarter large Siberian crabs, but do not core; cover to the
depth of an inch or two with cold water and cook to a mush; pour into
a coarse cotton bag or strainer, and, when cool enough, press or
squeeze hard to extract all of the juice. Take a piece of fine Swiss
muslin or crinoline, wring out of water, spread over colander placed
over a crock, and with a cup dip the juice slowly in, allowing plenty
of time to run through; repeat this process twice, rinsing the muslin
frequently. Allow the strained juice of four lemons to a peck of
apples and three-quarters of a pound of sugar to each pint of juice.
Boil the juice from ten to twenty minutes; while boiling, sift in the
sugar slowly, stirring constantly, and boil five minutes longer. This
is generally sufficient, but it is always safer to "try it" and
ascertain whether it will jelly. This will make a clear, sparkling
jelly.--_From Practical Housekeeping Cook Book._
The jelly is excellent.

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