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(Preserved Fruit) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Brush but do not peel the peaches. Select medium-sized ones. When all
are well brushed, stick each peach quite full of cloves.
Make a thick syrup of half a pound of sugar to a pound of fruit. Cook
the peaches in the syrup until they may be easily pierced with a broom
splint. Then carefully skim them from the syrup and after they have
cooled on the platters put them in glass jars or stone crocks. To the
syrup in the kettle add a few pieces of stick cinnamon and a few whole
allspice. Add half a pint of good cider vinegar and a tablespoon of
tarragon vinegar to each quart of syrup, and when the syrup just comes
to a boil after adding the vinegar pour it over the peaches. Delicious
with cold chicken.

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Twelve pounds of peaches, 1 quart of vinegar, 3 pounds brown sugar.
Rub the fuzz from the peaches. Do not pare them. Stick half a dozen
whole cloves in each peach. Add spices to taste, stick-cinnamon, whole
doves and mace. Put spices in a small cheese cloth bag and do not
remove the bag, containing spices, when putting away the peaches.
Scald sugar, vinegar and spices together and pour over the peaches.
Cover closely and stand away. Do this twice, one day between. The
third time place all together in a preserving kettle. Cook a few
minutes, then place fruit in jars, about three-quarters filled. Boil
down the syrup until about one-quarter has boiled away, pour over the
peaches, hot, and seal in air-tight jars. This is an old and very good
recipe used by "Aunt Sarah" many years.

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Wipe ripe but hard peaches until free from down; stick a few cloves
into each one; lay in cold spiced vinegar. In three months, they will
be nicely pickled, and retain much of their natural flavor.

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From MRS. ELLA RAY MILLER, of Idaho, Alternate Lady Manager.
One peck green tomatoes; twelve large onions; one ounce each of
allspice, cloves, cinnamon, whole pepper and white mustard seed; two
ounces flour of mustard, one and one-half pound sugar. Slice and salt
tomatoes, drain over night. Put spices in bags, cover all with
vinegar, and boil till tender. Seal in glass jars.

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Pickled Peaches


Eight pounds of peaches, four pounds of white sugar, one quart of

vinegar, one ounce of cinnamon, one ounce of cloves. Select large firm

freestone peaches, remove the skins and put into a jar. Put the sugar,

vinegar, and spices into a kettle, let it come to a boil, skim, and

pour over the fruit. The next day pour off the syrup and boil again and

pour over the peaches. Then the third day, put the fruit and all into

the kettle and boil until tender, or about ten minutes. If you use

ground spices put in cheese cloth bag.

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Sweet Pickled Peaches

7 pounds peaches, 3 pounds brown sugar, 1 quart vinegar, 1 ounce

cinnamon; 3 cloves in each peach. Make the syrup and cook peaches till

tender; boil down syrup and pour over the peaches.

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Sweet Pickled Peaches

Select fine, fresh, ripe, but not soft peaches, peel and weigh them. To

every seven pounds of fruit take five pounds of granulated sugar, a pint

of vinegar, two tablespoonfuls of cinnamon and one tablespoonful of

cloves, tie the spices up in a muslin bag, add a few pieces of stick

cinnamon and a few allspice. Put the fruit in a stone jar, bring the

sugar, vinegar and spice to a boil, pour over the peaches, cover and let

them stand until the next day, scald the syrup again and pour over the

fruit, and so on, until it has been done in all seven times. Take out

the bag of spice and put the fruit with the syrup into jars and seal.

These are much more delicious than peaches that are cooked.

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