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Pigeons En Compote No 2

(Poultry.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Have the birds trussed with their legs in their bodies, but stuffed with

forcemeat; parboil and lard them with fat bacon; season with pepper,

spices, parsley, and minced chives; stew them very gently. While they

are stewing, make a ragout of fowls' livers, cocks'-combs, truffles,

morels, and mushrooms, and put a little bacon in the frying-pan to melt;

put them in, and shake the pan three or four times round; then add some

rich gravy, and let it simmer a little, and put in some veal cullis and

ham to thicken it. Drain the pigeons, and put them into this ragout; let

them just simmer; take them up, put them into your dish, and pour the

ragout over.

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