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Pigeons To Stew No 2

(Poultry.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Shred the livers and gizzards, with as much suet as there is meat;

season with pepper, salt, parsley, and thyme, shred small; fill the

pigeons with this stuffing; lay them in the stewpan, breasts downward,

with as much strong broth as will cover them. Add pepper, salt, and

onion, and two thin rashers of bacon. Cover them close; let them stew

two hours or more, till the liquor is reduced to one half, and looks

like gravy, and the pigeons are tender; then put them in a dish with

sippets. If you have no strong broth, you may stew in water; but you

must not put so much water as broth, and they must stew more slowly.

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