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Pigs' Feet And Ears Fricassee Of

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Clean the feet and ears, and boil them very tender. Cut them in small

shreds, the length of a finger and about a quarter of an inch in

breadth; fry them in butter till they are brown but not hard; put them

into a stewpan with a little brown gravy and a good piece of butter, two

spoonfuls of vinegar, and a good deal of mustard--enough to flavour it

strong. Salt to your taste; thicken with very little flour. Put in half

an onion; then take the feet, which should likewise be boiled as tender

as for eating; slit them quite through the middle; take out the large

bones; dip them in eggs, and strew them over with bread crumbs, seasoned

with pepper and salt; boil or fry them, and put them on the ragout, into

which squeeze some lemon-juice.

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