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Pineapple, No. 2
Utensils For Jelly Making


(Jellies And Preserves) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Prepare the pineapples as above, allowing half a pound of sugar to two
pounds of fruit. Steam the sliced pines in a porcelain steamer until
tender. In the meantime make a syrup of the sugar, allowing a tumblerful
of water to a pound of sugar. Skim the syrup carefully, put in your
steamed pineapples and can as above.
In making preserves or jellies use none but porcelain-lined or
bell-metal kettles, being very careful to have them perfectly clean.
Scour with sapolio or sand before using. Take plenty of time to do your
work, as you will find that too great hurry is unprofitable. Use glass
jars and the best white sugar, and do not have any other cooking going
on while preserving, as the steam or grease will be apt to injure your
When fruit is preserved with a large amount of sugar (a pound of sugar
to a pound of fruit) it does not need to be sealed in airtight jars;
because bacteria do not readily form in the thick, sugary syrup. It is,
however, best kept in small sealed jars.
In damp weather jelly takes longer to form. Try to select a sunny, dry
day for jelly making. You can prepare your juice even if it is cloudy,
but wait for sunshine before adding the sugar and final boiling.

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