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Pare, and remove the eyes from two good-sized pineapples; then chop
into bits, and sprinkle with one-half pound of sugar; let the whole
stand until quite soft; then mash, and strain through a fine sieve.
To one quart of juice so obtained, add one quart of water and twelve
eggs, which have been rubbed to a cream with one and one-half pounds
of sugar. Put the mixture in a farina kettle, and cook till it
assumes the thickness of soft custard; then strain, and beat briskly
till cold. Freeze, and serve with sweet cream, flavored with fruit

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Take a nice ripe pineapple, grate it and sweeten to taste. Beat the
whites of two eggs stiff and mix with the pineapple. Before serving,
whip half a pint of cream and put on the pineapple.

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From MRS. M. D. OWINGS, of Washington, Lady Manager.
Mix into a half pound of confectioner's sugar the yolks of six eggs.
Work this mixture with a spoon until very light and frothy; then mix
into it the whites of six eggs that have been beaten stiff, adding at
the same time a quarter of a pound of flour, dried and sifted. Place
this batter into a meringue bag, and squeeze it through in strips two
and one-half inches long, sprinkle over some fine sugar and bake in a
moderate oven twelve to fifteen minutes.
From MRS. MATILDA B. CARSE, of Chicago, Lady Manager.
Soak one-half package gelatine in one-half cup water for two hours; to
a pint and a half can of pineapple add one cup of sugar and one cup of
water; simmer fifteen minutes; add the gelatine and allow to remain
over the fire until the gelatine is all melted; pour into a _tin_
basin and place in ice water; when thoroughly cold and beginning to
thicken add the juice of one lemon and the stiffly beaten whites of
four eggs; beat until it will just pour, then turn into a mould and
set in a cool place to harden. Serve next day with whipped cream,
sweetened with powdered sugar and flavored with a few drops of

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