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Pineapple To Preserve In Slices

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Pare the pines, and cut them in slices of about the same thickness as

you would apples for fritters. Take the weight of the fruit in the best

sugar; sift it very fine, and put a layer of sugar, then a layer of

pineapple; let it stand till the sugar is entirely dissolved. Then

drain off the syrup, and lay the pine in the pot in which you intend to

keep it; boil the syrup, adding a little more sugar and water to make it

rich; pour it, but not too hot, upon the fruit. Repeat this in about ten

days; look at it now and then, and, if the syrup ferments, boil it up

again, skim it, and pour it warm upon the pine. The parings of the

pineapple boil in the water you use for the syrup, and extract all the

flavour from them.

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