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Pippin Or Codling-jelly

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Slice a pound of pippins or codlings into a pint of clear spring water;

let them boil till the water has extracted all the flavour of the fruit;

strain it out, and to a pint of this liquor take a pound of

double-refined sugar, boiled to sugar again; then put in your codling

liquor; boil it a little together as fast as you can. Put in your golden

pippins; boil them up fast for a little while; just before the last

boiling, squeeze in the juice of a lemon; boil it up quick once more,

taking care the apples do not lose their colour; cut them, and put them

in glasses with the jelly. It makes a very pretty middle or corner dish.

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