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Plain Batter Pudding Or With Fruit

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Put six large spoonfuls of flour into a pan, and mix it with a quart of

milk, till it is smooth. Beat up the yolks of six and the whites of

three eggs, and put in; strain it through a sieve; then put in a

tea-spoonful of salt, one of beaten ginger, and stir them well

together. Dip your cloth in boiling water; flour it, and pour in your

pudding; tie it rather close, and boil it an hour. When sent to table,

pour melted butter over it. You may put in ripe currants, apricots,

small plums, damsons, or white bullace, when in season; but with fruit

it will require boiling half an hour longer.

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