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Plain Frying Batter

(Sunday Dinners.) - (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)

Mix quarter of a pound of flour, (cost one cent,)

with the yolks of two raw eggs, (cost two cents,) a level saltspoonful

of salt, half a saltspoonful of pepper, quarter of a saltspoonful of

grated nutmeg, one tablespoonful of salad oil, (which is used to make

the batter crisp,) and one cup of water, more or less, as the flour will

take it up; the batter should be stiff enough to hold the drops from the

spoon in shape when they are let fall upon it; now beat the whites of

the two eggs to a stiff broth, beginning slowly, and increasing the

speed until you are beating as fast as you can; the froth will surely

come; then stir it lightly into the batter; heat the dish containing the

meat a moment, to loosen it, and turn it out on the table, just dusted

with powdered crackers; cut it in strips an inch wide and two inches

long, roll them lightly under the palm of the hand, in the shape of

corks, dip them in the batter, and fry them golden brown in smoking hot

fat. Serve them on a neatly folded napkin. They make a delicious dish,

really worth all the care taken in preparing them. The seasoning,

crackers, and what fat is used in frying, will not cost over four cents,

for you must strain the fat, and save it after you fry your KROMESKYS;

if you use either bread or potatoes with them, the dinner will not cost

over twenty cents.

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