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(Eggs) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

To make an omelet for breakfast or luncheon for two persons, take three
eggs, three tablespoons of sweet milk and a saltspoon of salt. Whip the
yolks of the eggs, the milk and salt to a light foam with an egg whip.
Slowly add the yolk mixture to the whites of the eggs, which should be
beaten to a stiff froth in a big bowl. After the yolks and milk are well
whipped through the whites, beat the whole together for a few minutes
with the egg-beater.
In an omelet pan or a large frying-pan put a tablespoon of good butter.
When the butter is bubbling hot, pour in the omelet mixture. Stir it
lightly for the first minute with a broad-bladed knife, then stop
stirring it; and, as the mixture begins to stiffen around the edge, fold
the omelet toward the centre with the knife. As soon as it is properly
folded, turn it over on a hot platter. Decorate with sprigs of parsley
and serve.

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Stir into the well beaten yolks of four eggs one-half tablespoonful of
melted butter, a little salt, one tablespoonful of flour mixed smooth
in one cup of milk; beat together well, and then stir in lightly the
whites, beaten stiff; pour into buttered skillet; cook on top stove
for ten minutes, and then place in oven to brown.

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1/4 pound dried beef
3 eggs
3 tablespoons milk or water
1 tablespoon butter
Cover beef which has been picked into small pieces with cold water,
heat but do not boil. Drain. Melt batter in frying pan; add beef and
eggs, which have been beaten with the milk or water. As soon as eggs
begin to set, stir until cooked.

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From MRS. LANA A. BATES, of Nebraska, Alternate Lady Manager.
After removing all soft berries, wash thoroughly; place for about two
minutes in scalding water, remove, and to every pound of fruit add
three-quarters of a pound of granulated sugar and a half pint of
water; stew together over a moderate but steady fire. Be careful to
_cover_ and _not stir_ the fruit, but shake the vessel. If
attention to these particulars be given the berries will retain their
shape to quite an extent, which materially adds to their appearance on
the table. Boil from five to seven minutes; remove from the fire; turn
into a deep dish, and set aside to cool. If strained sauce be
preferred, one and a half pounds of fruit should be stewed in one pint
of water for ten or fifteen minutes or until quite soft; then strain
through a colander or fine wire sieve; add three quarters of a pound
of sugar and return to the fire and boil three minutes, stirring
constantly; set away to cool, when it will be ready for use.

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Plain Omelet

Beat six eggs, the yolks to a cream, the whites to a stiff froth, add

three tablespoonfuls of warm milk to the yolks and then beat into the

whites of eggs. Put a small tablespoonful of butter in a spider, when it

is hot turn the eggs into it, stirring gently all the time until the

eggs are well set; let it brown, fold and turn out on a hot platter.

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Plain Omelet

For an omelet for four people, separate yolks and whites of five eggs.

Beat yolks very light, add one-quarter teaspoonful salt, pepper, five

tablespoonfuls milk, and lastly the whites, beaten very stiff. Mix

lightly, but thoroughly, and pour in well-buttered hot frying-pan, place

on stove about two minutes until well puffed up, then put in oven for a

moment until firm on top. On removing, fold omelet over with a

cake-turner, place on a hot plate and garnish with parsley.

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