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(Puddings And Other Desserts) - (The New Dr. Price Cookbook)

A small amount of Dr. Price's Baking Powder will make pastry lighter,
more tender and more digestible.
Pastry should rise in baking to double its thickness, and be in light,
flaky, tender layers. The novice must learn to handle it lightly and
as little as possible in rolling and turning. All materials should be
cold and pastry is improved if put into the icebox as soon as made and
allowed to stand several hours before using.
Pastry flour is better than bread flour for pie crust.

Other Recipes

Plain Pastry

Four cups of sifted flour, one cup of butter, a pinch of salt, three

heaping teaspoonfuls of granulated sugar, two tablespoonfuls of lemon

juice, four tablespoonfuls of ice water and the yolks of two eggs. This

quantity will make two pies. Rub the butter, flour, salt and sugar

together thoroughly, then add the yolks of eggs, lemon juice and water

and work all together into a paste. Put the dough on a pastry board,

divide in four equal parts, roll each part the size required for the pie


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