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Plain Rice Pudding

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take a quarter of a pound of whole rice, wash and pick it clean; put it

into a saucepan, with a quart of new milk, a stick of cinnamon, and

lemon-peel shred fine. Boil it gently till the rice is tender and thick,

and stir it often to keep it from burning. Take out the cinnamon and

lemon-peel; put the rice into an earthen pan to cool; beat up the yolks

of four eggs and the whites of two. Stir them into the rice; sweeten it

to the palate with moist sugar; put in some lemon or Seville orange-peel

shred very fine, a few bitter almonds, and a little grated nutmeg and

ginger. Mix all well together; lay a puff paste round the dish, pour in

the pudding, and bake it.

Other Recipes

A Plain Rice Pudding

To every quart of milk add six ounces of rice, one ounce of brown sugar,

a pinch of allspice, and ditto of salt; put all these in a proper sized

pie-dish, with one ounce of butter, and set the pudding to bake for one

hour and-a-half. When the pudding has been in the oven half an hour,

stir it round with a fork.

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