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Plum Cake No 2

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

One pound of fine flour well dried and sifted, three quarters of a pound

of fine sugar, also well dried and sifted. Work one pound to a cream

with a noggin of brandy; then add to it by degrees your sugar,

continuing to beat it very light. Beat the yolks of ten eggs extremely

light; then put them into the butter and sugar, a spoonful at a time;

beat the whites very light, and when you add the flour, which should be

by degrees, put in the whites a spoonful at a time; add a grated nutmeg

and a little beaten mace, and a good pound of currants, washed, dried,

and picked, with a little of the flour rubbed about them. Work them into

the cake. Cut in thin slices a quarter of a pound of blanched almonds,

and two ounces of citron and candied orange-peel. Between every layer of

cake, as you put it into the hoop, put in the sweetmeats, and bake it

two hours.

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