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Plums To Dry Green

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take green amber plums; prick them with a pin all over; make some water

boiling hot, and put in the plums; be sure to have so much water as not

to be made cold when the plums are put in. Cover them very close, and,

when they are almost cold, set them on the fire again, but do not let

them boil. Do so three or four times. When you see the thin skin

cracked, put in some alum finely beaten, and keep them in a scald till

they begin to green; then give them a boil closely covered. When they

are green, let them stand in fresh hot water all night; next day, have

ready as much clarified sugar, made into syrup, as will cover them;

drain the plums, put them into the syrup, and give them two or three

boils. Repeat this twice or three times, till they are very green. Let

them stand in the syrup a week; then lay them out to dry in a hot stove.

You may put some of them in codling jelly, and use them as a wet


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