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(Cereals) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Place one cup of yellow cornmeal and three cups of cold water in a
double boiler, add one teaspoon of salt, one-half teaspoon of pepper and
cook for forty minutes. While still hot add one and one-half cups of
grated cheese to the mixture and heat until it melts. Turn the mixture
into a greased bowl and allow it to set. The meal may be sliced an inch
thick or cut with a biscuit cutter and then fried in hot vegetable oil.
Serve with white or tomato sauce as desired.

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Bean Polenta (ITALIAN).

Make a rich pie-crust and let bake until done. Peel and chop some
peaches and mix with sugar to taste. Fill the pie with the peaches;
let bake. Whip 1 cup of rich cream with pulverized sugar and flavor
with vanilla. Spread the cream high over the pie; let get cold
and serve.

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10 Cheese Polenta

Cook salted corn-meal for at least an hour; turn into a baking dish and

add a cupful of grated cheese and season with pepper. Brown in the

oven "Table Talk," Phila.

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Polenta Pie

(Polenta Pasticciata)

Make a very stiff mush of cornmeal cooked in milk. Salt it well and

spread out on the bread board in a sheet about one inch thick. When

cold, cut in little diamonds or squares and place these in a buttered

baking dish. Prepare the Bolognese sauce according to the following

recipe: Chop 1/4 lb. round steak, a slice of pork or bacon, one small

carrot 1/4 onion, one large piece celery. Put the meat and vegetables

over the fire with a piece of butter. When the meat has browned add half

a tablespoon of flour and wet the mixture with hot water or broth,

allowing it to simmer from half an hour to an hour. It is done when it

is the consistency of a thick gravy.

Make a smooth white sauce with milk cornstarch and butter. Over a layer

of the polenta, cut as above and placed in the baking dish sprinkle

some grated cheese and a few tablespoons each of the white sauce and the

meat sauce. Repeat until the dish is full. Bake until the top is nicely

browned. This dish seems very elaborate, but it is very delicious and a

meal in itself.

The Bolognese sauce is also used to season macaroni or spaghetti in lieu

of the tomato sauce or the brown stock.

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Polenta With Sausages

(Polenta colle salsicce)

The polenta is a very popular dish in Northern Italy and can be

prepared in various ways. Always, however, it is better to serve with

the addition of sausages, or with birds or tomato paste.

The polenta is practically cornmeal and it is made with the so-called

farina gialla or yellow flour.

The ingredients for a good polenta are one pound of corn meal,

preferably granulous, one quart and a half of water, salted in

proportion, one piece of butter, one cup and a half of milk.

Pour the meal little by little into boiling water, continually stirring

with a wooden spoon. When the meal is half cooked, put the butter and

pour the milk little by little. While the polenta boils, place on the

fire in a little saucepan a tablespoonful of olive oil or a small piece

of butter. When the oil is hot or the butter is melted, put some

sausages repeatedly pricked with a fork.

When the sausages are cooked, pour the polenta hot in a dish and place

the sausages and the gravy in a cavity practised in the middle. Serve


In cooking the sausages two or three bay-leaves may be added and removed

before serving.

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Polenta is made of ground Indian-corn, and may be used either as a

separate dish or as a garnish for roast meat, pigeons, fowl It is

made like porridge; gradually drop the meal with one hand into boiling

stock or water, and stir continually with a wooden spoon with the other

hand. In about a quarter of an hour it will be quite thick and smooth,

then add a little butter and grated Parmesan, and one egg beaten up. Let

it get cold, then put it in layers in a baking-dish, add a little butter

to each layer, sprinkle with plenty of Parmesan, and bake it for about

an hour in a slow oven. Serve hot.

Other Recipes

Polenta Pasticciata

Ingredients: Polenta, butter, cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes.

Prepare a good polenta as above, put it in layers in a fireproof dish,

and add by degrees one and a half ounces of melted butter, two cooked

mushrooms cut up, and two tablespoonsful of grated cheese. (If you like,

you may add a good-sized tomato mashed up.) Put the dish in the oven,

and before serving brown it over with salamander.

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Polenta Corn Meal

Take an iron kettle, put in two quarts water with one tablespoon salt.

Heat and before boiling, slowly pour in your corn meal, stirring

continuously until you have it very stiff. Put on lid and let boil for

an hour or more. Turn out in a pan and keep warm. Later this is turned

out on a platter for the table.

Cut it in pieces of about an inch wide for each plate and on this the

following sauce is added with a teaspoon Parmesan cheese added to each


Brown a good sized onion in two tablespoons butter, add 1/2 clove of

garlic, about 5 pieces of dried mushroom, being well soaked in water

(use the water also) dissolve a little extract of beef, pouring that

into this with a little more water, salt and some paprika--a pinch of

sugar and 1/3 teaspoon vinegar.

A little flour to make a nice gravy. This makes it very palatable.

It takes about ten minutes to cook.

Serve in gravy bowl--a spoonful on each piece of Polenta. Added to that

the grated cheese, is all that is needed for a whole meal. Apple sauce

should be served with this dish.

Man doth not live by bread alone.

--Owen Meredith

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Boil one pound of yellow Indian meal, (cost four cents,) for

half an hour, in two quarts of pot-liquor or boiling water, salted to

taste, with one ounce of fat, stirring it occasionally to prevent

burning; then bake it for half an hour in a greased baking dish, and

serve it either hot, or, when cold, slice it and fry it in smoking hot

fat. This favorite Italian dish is closely allied to the hasty-pudding

of New England, and the mush of the South. It costs five cents.

Other Recipes

Liver Polenta

Boil one pound of yellow Indian Meal, (cost four cents,)

for half an hour, in two quarts of boiling water with one ounce of

drippings, (cost one cent,) stirring it occasionally to prevent burning;

meantime fry in one ounce of drippings, (cost one cent,) a sheep's or

pig's haslet, (cost five cents,) well washed and sliced; when the meal

has boiled half an hour, put it into a greased baking dish with the

haslet, seasoning each layer with salt and pepper; bake it for twenty

minutes in a quick oven, and serve it hot.

The dish, which is palatable and nutritious, costs less than twelve


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