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(German) - (Pennsylvania Germans)

Dip pork chops in egg, then into bread crumbs to which has been added
salt, pepper, and a very little sage and sweet marjoram. Some prefer
chops simply dredged with flour. Fry about 25 minutes or until cooked
through and nicely browned, but not scorched. 'Tis said, "The frying
of chops in a perfect manner is the test of a good cook."

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Dust four or five pork chops with flour and fry in a pan, not too
quickly. When nicely browned, remove to a warm chop plate and stand in
warming oven while preparing the following: Slice or cut in small
pieces four good-sized, sweet, red peppers and a half teaspoon of
finely chopped hot pepper, add to the fat remaining in the pan in
which the chops were fried, and cook about ten minutes, until peppers
are tender (stirring them frequently). When sufficiently cooked, add
one tablespoon of vinegar, pepper and salt to taste, cook one minute
longer and serve on the same dish with the chops.

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Pork Chops Grilled Or Broiled

Score the rind of each chop by cutting through the rind at distances of

half-an-inch apart; season the chops with pepper and salt, and place

them on a clean gridiron over a clear fire to broil; the chops must be

turned over every two minutes until they are done; this will take about

fifteen minutes. The chops are then to be eaten plain, or, if

convenient, with brown gravy, made as shown in No. 17.

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Pork Chops

Buy at a packing house two pounds of shoulder chops,

(cost sixteen to twenty cents,) roll them in flour, pepper, and salt,

put them into a hot frying pan, and fry them brown, cooking them at

least twenty minutes. Meantime boil one quart of potatoes, (cost three

cents,) in boiling water and salt, and chop fine one pickle, (cost one

cent.) When the chops are done, take them up, and keep them hot, while

you make the gravy by pouring into the frying-pan half a pint of boiling

water, and adding to it the chopped pickle, a tablespoonful of flour

mixed smooth with half a cup of cold water, and salt and pepper to

taste. Boil it up once, pour it over the chops, and serve them hot with

the potatoes.

The dinner will cost about twenty-five cents.

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Pork Chops

Pork chops need to be thoroughly cooked, and after washing, I always

parboil ten minutes first in a covered frying pan, then season with salt

and pepper and brown in fat. They are often served with tomato sauce.

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