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Portable Soup

(Practical Cookery.) - (The Most Valuable And Original Receipts)

Take beef or veal soup, and let it get perfectly cold, then skim off

every particle of the grease. Set it on the fire, and let it boil till

of a thick glutinous consistence. Care should be taken that it does not

burn. Season it highly with salt, pepper, cloves and mace--add a little

wine or brandy, and then turn it on to earthen platters. It should not

be more than a quarter of an inch in thickness. Let it remain until

cold, then cut it in pieces three inches square, set them in the sun to

dry, turning them frequently. When perfectly dry, put them in an earthen

or tin vessel, having a layer of white paper between each layer. These,

if the directions are strictly attended to, will keep good a long time.

Whenever you wish to make a soup of them, nothing more is necessary,

than to put a quart of water to one of the cakes, and heat it very hot.

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Portable Soup

Strip all the skin and fat off a leg of veal; then cut all the fleshy

parts from the bone, and add a shin of beef, which treat in the same

way; boil it slowly in three gallons of water or more according to the

quantity of the meat; let the pot be closely covered: when you find it,

in a spoon, very strong and clammy, like a rich jelly, take it off and

strain it through a hair sieve into an earthen pan. After it is

thoroughly cold, take off any fat that may remain, and divide your jelly

clear of the bottom into small flatfish cakes in chinaware cups covered.

Then place these cups in a large deep stewpan of boiling water over a

stove fire, where let it boil gently till the jelly becomes a perfect

glue; but take care the water does not get into the cups, for that will

spoil it all. These cups of glue must be taken out, and, when cold, turn

out the glue into a piece of new coarse flannel, and in about six hours

turn it upon more fresh flannel, and keep doing this till it is

perfectly dry--if you then lay it by in a dry warm place, it will

presently become like a dry piece of glue. When you use it in

travelling, take a piece the size of a large walnut, seasoning it with

fresh herbs, and if you can have an old fowl, or a very little bit of

fresh meat, it will be excellent.

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