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Portuguese Cake

(Pastry, Sweets, Frozen Delicacie) - (The Italian Cook Book)

(Focaccia alla Portoghese)

Sweet almonds, five ounces.

Granulated sugar, five ounces.

Potato meal, one and a half ounce.

Three eggs.

One big orange or two small.

First mix the yolks of the eggs with the sugar, then add the flour, then

the almonds skinned and chopped fine, then the orange juice (through a

colander) then a taste of orange peel. Finally add to the mixture the

whites of the eggs well beaten. Put in a paper mold greased evenly with

butter, with a thickness of about an inch and bake in a very moderately

hot oven. After baked, cover with a white glaze or frost, made with

powdered sugar, lemon juice and the white of eggs.

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