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(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take a quart of white wine and a quart of water; boil whole spice in

them; then take twelve eggs, and put away half the whites; beat them

very well, and take the wine from the fire; then put your eggs, being

thoroughly beaten, to the wine. Stir the whole together; then set it on

a very slow fire, stirring it the whole time, till it is thick. Sweeten

it with sugar, and sprinkle on it beaten spice, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

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How To Make Treacle Posset

Sweeten a pint of milk with four table-spoonfuls of treacle, boil this

for ten minutes; strain it through a rag; drink it while hot, and go to

bed well covered with blankets; and your cold will be all the less and

you the better for it.

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Sack Posset

To twelve eggs, beaten very much, put a pint of sack, or any other

strong rich white wine. Stir them well, that they may not curd; put to

them three pints of cream and half a pound of fine sugar, stirring them

well together. When hot over the fire, put the posset into a basin, and

set it over a boiling pot of water until it is like a custard; then take

it off, and, when it is cool enough to eat, serve it with beaten spice,

cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg, strewed over it very thick.

Other Recipes

Sack Posset Without Milk

Take thirteen eggs; beat them very well, and, while they are beating,

take a quart of sack, half a pound of fine sugar, and a pint of ale, and

let them boil a very little while; then put the eggs to them, and stir

them till they are hot. Take it from the fire, and keep it stirring

awhile; then put it into a fit basin, and cover it close with a dish.

Set it over the fire again till it rises to a curd; serve it with beaten


Other Recipes

Sack Posset Or Jelly

Take three pints of good cream and three quarters of a pound of fine

sugar pounded, twenty eggs, leaving out eight of the whites; beat them

very well and light. Add to them rather more than a pint of sack; beat

them again well; then set it on a stove; make it so hot that you can

just endure your finger at the bottom of the pan, and not hotter; stir

it all one way; put the cream on the fire just to boil up, and be ready

at the time the sack is so. Boil in it a blade of mace, and put it

boiling hot to the eggs and sack, which is to be only scalding hot. When

the cream is put in, just stir it round twice; take it off the fire;

cover it up close when it is put into the mould or dish you intend it

for, and it will jelly. Pour the cream to the eggs, holding it as high

from them as possible.

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