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(Broths.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Boil a leg of beef, and a knuckle of veal, with a bunch of sweet herbs,

a little mace and whole pepper, and a handful of salt. When the meat is

boiled to rags or to a very strong broth, strain it through a hair

sieve, and when it is cold, take off the fat. With raw beef make a gravy

thus: cut your beef in pieces, put them in a frying-pan with a piece of

butter or a slice of bacon, fry it very brown, then put it to some of

your strong broth, and when it grows browner and thick till it becomes

reduced to three pints of gravy, fill up your strong broth to boil with

a piece of butter and a handful of sweet herbs. Afterwards a chicken

must be boiled and blanched and cut in slices; and two or three

sweetbreads fried very brown; a turnip also sliced and fried. Boil all

these half an hour, and put them in the dish in which you intend to

serve up, with three French rolls (cut in halves) and set it over a fire

with a quart of your gravy, and some of your broth, covered with a dish,

till it boils very fast, and as it reduces fill up with your broth till

your bread is quite soaked. You may put into the dish either a duck,

pigeon, or any bird you please; but whichever you choose, roast it

first, and then let it boil in the dish with your bread. This may be

made a pea soup, by only rubbing peas through a sieve.

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Potage Parmentier

Cook the well-washed, white stalks of two or three leeks, sliced

lengthwise, in two tablespoonfuls of fat in a saucepan, and allow to

remain over the fire for five or six minutes, or until slightly colored.

Add four large potatoes, pared and sliced, one quart of cold water, and

two teaspoonfuls of salt, cover, and cook for twenty minutes after the

water boils. Strain out the potatoes and leeks and press through a

colander. Thicken the water by adding one-fourth a cup of flour, blended

with two tablespoonfuls of butter or a substitute; stir until it has

boiled for one minute; add one-half a teaspoonful of white pepper, stir

into it the potato puree, and let the whole come to a boil. Pour into

the tureen, and add one-half a cup of rich cream, a cup of well-browned

croutons, and a few chervil leaves, or the green leaves of cress or any

preferred herb. The addition of the half-cup of rich cream is essential

to the soup "parmentier."

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