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(Vegetables) - (The Art Of Living In Australia)

1 lb. Cold Boiled Potatoes

Bread Crumbs--1d.

2 Eggs

1 oz. Butter

Hot Fat--3d.

Total Cost--4d.

Time--5 Minutes.

Rub the potatoes through a sieve or mash them smoothly. Put the butter
into a saucepan, and, when melted, season with pepper and salt; put in
the potatoes and turn them about till hot through. Drop in the egg and
mix into a paste, turn on to a plate to cool, and roll into balls. Beat
up an egg and brush over the balls, cover well with crumbs, and fry in
hot fat. The yolks of eggs will do for this dish if the whites are
wanted for other purposes.

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Pare very thin, medium potatoes as near a size as possible. Have ready a
pot of boiling water, salted, drop in the potatoes and keep them at a
quick boil until tender. Serve with a batter made by beating to a cream
two tablespoons of butter, one-half tablespoon of lemon juice and one
tablespoon of finely minced parsley; add salt and a dash of cayenne
pepper; spread over the hot potatoes, and it will melt into a delicious
dressing. This is especially nice to serve with fish.

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Boil until tender, 8 medium-sized (not pared) potatoes; when quite
cold remove parings and grate them; fry one finely-chopped onion in a
little butter until a yellow-brown; add this, also 1 egg, to the
potatoes, season with salt and pepper and add flour enough to mold
into balls; use only flour enough to hold the mixture together. The
chopped onion may be omitted, and instead, brown small, dice-like
pieces of bread in a little butter, shape dumplings into balls the
size of walnuts, place a teaspoonful of the browned bread crumbs in
the centre of each and add also a little chopped parsley. Drop the
dumplings in salted boiling water and cook uncovered from 15 to 20
minutes. When dumplings rise to the top they should be cooked
sufficiently, when remove from kettle with a skimmer to a platter; cut
dumplings in half and strew over them bread crumbs, browned in butter.

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Italian Potato Balls.

Take 2 quart of black cherries; remove the stones and mix with 1/2
pound of fine bread-crumbs, some chopped nuts, the beaten yolks of 4
eggs and 1/2 cup of sugar. Add the whites beaten stiff. Bake in a
well-buttered pudding-dish and serve cold.

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22 Potato Balls

Beat the yolks of 2 eggs and add them to 2 cups of mashed potatoes, then

add 1 tablespoonful of chopped parsley, a teaspoonful of onion juice, 2

tablespoonfuls of cream or milk, 1 tablespoonful of butter; mix well,

form into small balls, and egg and bread crumb them. Fry in deep fat.

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Potato Balls

Two soup plates of grated potatoes which have been boiled in the skins

the day before. Add four tablespoons flour or bread crumbs, a little

nutmeg and salt, one-half cup of melted butter and the yolks of four

eggs and one cupful croutons (fried bread--in butter--cut into small


Mix together, then add the beaten whites of the eggs. Mix well and form

into balls, then boil in boiling salt water about fifteen or twenty

minutes. Serve with bacon cut into small squares on top.

To be eaten with stewed dried fruits cooked together--prunes, apricots,



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Vegetable Marrow With Potato Balls

1 vegetable marrow.

10 or 12 floury potatoes.

1 egg.

1 1/2 ounces butter.

Pepper and salt.

Peel the potatoes, boil until tender, strain, and dry them well. Mash

with a large fork, add pepper and salt to taste, half an ounce of butter

and the yolk of egg, beat the white to a stiff froth and add last. Form

the potatoes into nice-shaped balls about the size of a small orange,

and place them in a baking tin in which one ounce of butter has been

dissolved, brush them over with a little of the butter, and brown in the

oven. In the meantime, boil the vegetable marrow whole until tender

(from half to three-quarters of an hour), when done, peel it, cut it

into slices about one and a half inches thick, remove the seeds, lay the

pieces in a dish, and place in the oven for a few minutes to dry off;

then sprinkle a little pepper and salt over, and place a ball of potato

in the centre of each piece of marrow. Pour tomato or other sauce over,

and serve.

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Potato Balls

Pound some boiled potatoes in a mortar, with the yolks of two eggs, a

little pepper, and salt; make them in balls about the size of an egg; do

them over with yolk of egg and crumbs of bread; then fry them of a light

brown for table; five balls for a corner dish.

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