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(Passover Dishes) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Stir the yolks of eight eggs with a cup of sugar, add four tablespoons
of blanched and pounded almonds, and grate in the peel of a lemon. Add
also its juice. Have ready half a pound of grated potatoes which have
been cooked the day previous. Last add the stiffly-beaten whites. Add
one teaspoon of salt. Grease your pudding form well, pour in the mixture
and bake. Set in a pan of boiling water in the oven. The water in the
pan must not reach higher than half way up the pudding form. Time
required, half an hour. When done turn out on a platter. Serve with a
wine or chocolate sauce. You may bake this pudding in an iron pudding
form without setting it in the boiling water.

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Stir the yolks of four eggs with one-half cup of sugar, add one-half cup
of blanched and pounded almonds; grate in the peel, also the juice of
one lemon, one-half pound of grated potatoes that have been boiled the
day before. Lastly add the stiffly beaten whites, some salt and more
potatoes, if necessary. Grease your pudding-pan well, pour in the
mixture and bake. Set in a pan of water in oven; water in pan must not
reach higher than one-half way up the pudding-form. Bake one-half hour.
Turn out on platter and serve with a wine, chocolate, or lemon sauce.
One can bake in an iron pudding-form without the water.

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Take one quart of grated, raw sweet potatoes, one tablespoon leach of
meat fat and chicken fat, one half pound of brown sugar, one-half pint
of molasses, one and one-half pints of cold water, one saltspoon of salt
and a little black pepper, grated orange peel, ginger, nutmeg and
cinnamon to taste. Pour into greased baking-pan and bake until it
jellies. Bake in moderate oven. May be eaten as a dessert, warm or cold.

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Four eggs.
A gill of milk.
A quarter of a pound of butter.
A quarter of a pound of powdered sugar.
Two ounces of grated bread.
A table-spoonful of mixed brandy and wine.
A tea-spoonful of rose-water.
A tea-spoonful of mace, cinnamon, and nutmeg, mixed.
A quarter of a pound of currants.
Pick the currants very clean. Wash them through a colander, wipe
them in a towel, and then dry them on a dish before the fire.
When dry take out a few to scatter over the top of the cheesecake,
lay them aside, and sprinkle the remainder of the currants with
the flour.
Stir the butter and sugar to a cream. Grate the bread, and prepare
the spice. Beat the eggs very light.
Boil the milk. When it comes to a boil, add to it half the beaten
egg, and boil both together till it becomes a curd, stirring it
frequently with a knife. Then throw the grated bread on the curd,
and stir all together. Then take the milk, egg, and bread off the
fire and stir it, gradually, into the butter and sugar. Next, stir
in the remaining half of the egg.
Add, by degrees, the liquor and spice.
Lastly, stir in, gradually, the currants.
Have ready a puff-paste, which should be made before you prepare
the cheesecake, as the mixture will become heavy by standing.
Before you put it into the oven, scatter the remainder of the
currants over the top.
Bake it half an hour in rather a quick oven.
Do not sugar the top.
You may bake it either in a soup-plate, or in two small tin
patty-pans, which, for cheesecakes, should be of a square shape.
If baked in square patty-pans, leave at each side a flap of paste
in the shape of a half-circle. Cut long slits in these flaps and
turn them over, so that they will rest on the top of the mixture.
You can, if you choose, add to the currants a few raisins stoned,
and cut in half.

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Potato Pudding

Ingredients, three pounds of potatoes, two quarts of milk, two ounces of

butter, two ounces of sugar, a bit of lemon-peel, a good pinch of salt,

and three eggs. First, bake the potatoes, if you have means to do so, or

let them be either steamed or boiled; when done, scoop out all their

floury pulp without waste into a large saucepan, and immediately beat it

up vigorously with a large fork or a spoon; then add all the remainder

of the above-named ingredients (excepting the eggs), stir the potato

batter carefully on the fire till it comes to a boil, then add the

beaten eggs; pour the batter into a greased pie-dish, and bake the

pudding for an hour in your oven, if you have one; if not, send it to

the baker's.

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Potato Pudding

(Budino di patate)

Potatoes, big and mealy, one and a half lb.

Sugar, five and a half ounces.

Butter, one and a half ounces.

Flour, a tablespoonful.

Milk, half a pint.

Six eggs.

A pinch of salt.

Paste of cinnamon or lemon peel.

Boil or steam the potatoes, skin and rub through a sieve. Place them

back again on the fire with the butter, the flour and the milk, all

poured little by little, stirring well with the ladle, then add the

sugar, the salt and the cinnamon or lemon peel (just a taste) and mix

everything together well. Remove from the fire and, when the mixture is

lukewarm or cold add the eggs, first the yolks, then the whites beaten.

Bake like all other puddings and serve hot.

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Potato Pudding

4 or 6 potatoes, according to size.

1 onion or shalot.

1 gill of milk.

2 hard boiled eggs.

1 teaspoon salt.

1 teaspoon mixed sweet herbs.

Paste for crust No. 207.

Boil the potatoes, onion and egg separately for fifteen minutes, then

slice and mix well together, sprinkling in the salt and herbs. Line a

middling sized pudding basin with paste, fill with the mixture, pour in

the milk, cover with paste, wetting round the edges so that they join

well, tie a cloth over, plunge it into a large saucepan half full of

boiling water, and boil rather fast for three and a half hours.

Note.--A vegetable sauce should be served with the pudding.

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Fish And Potato Pudding

Wash and peel one quart of potatoes, (cost

three cents,) peel and slice about six ounces of onions, (cost one

cent,) skin and bone two bloaters or large herrings, (cost five cents,)

put all these ingredients into a baking dish in layers, seasoning them

with a dessertspoonful of salt and a saltspoonful of pepper; pour over

them any cold gravy you have on hand, or add two or three ounces of

drippings; if you have neither of these, water will answer; bake the

pudding an hour and a half; serve hot, with bread. If you use drippings

or milk the entire seasoning will cost you less than five cents; and the

whole dinner, which is excellent, not more than fifteen cents.

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Potato Pudding No 1

Boil two pounds of white potatoes; peel them, and bruise them fine in a

mortar, with half a pound of melted butter, and the yolks of four eggs.

Put it into a cloth, and boil it half an hour; then turn it into a dish;

pour melted butter, with a glass of raisin wine, and the juice of a

Seville orange, mixed together as sauce, over it, and strew powdered

sugar all over.

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Potato Pudding No 2

Take four steamed potatoes; dry and rub them through a sieve; boil a

quarter of a pint of milk, with spice, sugar, and butter; stir the

potatoes in the milk, with the yolks of three eggs; beat the whites to a

strong froth, and add them to the pudding. Bake it in a quick oven.

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Potato Pudding No 3

Boil three or four potatoes; mash and pass them through a sieve; beat

them up with milk, and let it stand till cold. Then add the yolks of

four eggs and sugar; beat up the four whites to a strong froth, and stir

it in very gently before you put the pudding into the mould.

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