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(Bread) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Cook one quart of potatoes diced, in boiling water until tender. Strain,
reserving potato water. Measure and add enough more water to make three
cups. Let come to a boil, add one-quarter cup of salt, and very
gradually one and one-quarter cups of cornmeal. Cook two minutes,
stirring constantly until thick. Remove from fire, add two tablespoons
of any kind of fat, the potatoes riced or mashed and when cooled two
cups of flour; then one tablespoon of sugar and one cake of yeast
dissolved in one cup of lukewarm water. Mix and knead to a stiff dough
adding wheat flour to keep it from sticking. Cover, set aside in a warm
place overnight, or until double its bulk. Shape into four loaves, let
rise again; bake in a moderate oven one hour or more, until well done.
Glaze with egg diluted with water before putting in the oven. These
loaves will keep moist one week.

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