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(Vegetables) - (The Art Of Living In Australia)

6 Large Potatoes--2d.

1/4 lb. Cold Meat--1/2d.

1/2 gill Gravy or Sauce

Pepper, Salt, and Parsley--1/2d.

Total Cost--3d.

Time--One Hour and a Half.

Wash and scrub the potatoes, and bake them in the oven till quite done.
Cut them in half so that they will stand nicely. Scoop out the
inside, and mix the potato meal with some butter, pepper, and salt.
Make a little savoury meat by directions given for mince, and nearly
fill the potato skins with this. Put some of the potato on top, making
it look as rough and rocky as possible. Stand in the oven till quite
hot, and serve.

Other Recipes

Sweet Potatoes Stuffed


Four large sized sweet potatoes baked until tender, then cut carefully

in two. Cut a piece off each end, so they will stand, then scoop out,

leaving the skins perfect. Mash the potato fine with an egg dressing as

follows: boil four eggs hard, mash the yolks to a paste with cream to

thin, salt and pepper to taste and a little mustard if liked; with this

mixture fill the skins, place a piece of butter on top of each, and bake

until well browned. Serve in individual saucers with a small doyley


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