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(Frozen Desserts) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

The smaller the ice is broken the better, while the salt should never be
too fine. A salt prepared especially for the purpose is known as "ice
cream salt." This salt and the finely broken ice are put in alternate
layers about the cream can. Begin with a layer of ice, making this about
three inches deep. Then put in a layer of salt about an inch in depth,
and continue in this way up to the top of the cream can. The ice can be
put in a gunny sack and then broken up with a heavy hammer or hatchet.
Fill the cream can three-fourths full. Cover; place in wooden bucket;
adjust the top and pack, as directed above. Turn crank slowly and
steadily. After freezing drain off water, remove dasher; with a spoon
pack hard. Put cork in top of lid. Repack freezer. Cover top with heavy
pieces of carpet and paper. When time comes to serve, wipe top of can
carefully before opening. In very hot weather renew the salt and ice
three times, and keep the blanket cold and wet with the brine from the

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