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(Pastry Cakes) - (Seventy-five Receipts For Pastry Cakes, And Sweetmeats)

Wash your fruit. Cover the bottom of your preserving kettle with
grape leaves. Put in the apples. Hang them over the fire, with a
very little water, and cover them closely. Do not allow them to
boil, but let them simmer gently till they are yellow. Take them
out, and spread them on a large dish to cool. Pare and core them.
Put them again into the kettle, with fresh vine-leaves under and
over them, and a very little water. Hang them over the fire till
they are green. Do not let them boil.
Take them out, weigh them, and allow a pound of loaf-sugar to a
pound of crab-apples. Put to the sugar just water enough to
dissolve it. When it is all melted, put it on the fire, and boil
and skim it. Then put in your fruit, and boil the apples till they
are quite clear and soft. Put them in jars, and pour the warm
liquor over them. When cold, tie them up with brandy paper.

Other Recipes

Preserved Plums

Damson plums make a rich, old-fashioned preserve if washed, pricked, and

allowed to stand a few hours, mixed with an equal quantity of

sugar--pound for pound--then put on the stove where they will gently

simmer until cooked down quite thick. They must be watched carefully,

however, to prevent scorching. Such rich fruit is best put up in pint

jars, as usually only a small quantity is needed at a time.

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