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(Coffee Cakes (kuchen)) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Line one or two plates with a thin roll of kuchen dough and let it rise
again in the pans which have been heavily greased. Have some prunes
boiled very soft, take out the kernels, mash them until like mush,
sweeten to taste, add cinnamon and grated peel of a lemon or lemon
juice, put in the lined pie-plates and bake immediately. Serve with
whipped cream, sweetened and flavored.

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Line a greased biscuit-pan with some of the coffee cake dough. Roll the
dough thin and let it come up on the sides of the pan, then set aside to
rise. When risen, cut the prunes in halves (they must be the fresh ones,
not dried), lay in rows thickly and close together all over the bottom
of the pan, do not leave any space between the prunes. Sprinkle very
thickly with sugar, lightly with cinnamon, and lay bits of fresh butter
all over the top. Bake until done in a moderately hot oven.

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