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(Pies And Pastry) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Make a rich pie paste. After the paste is rolled out thin and the
pie-plate lined with it, put in a layer of prunes that have been stewed
the day before, with the addition of several slices of lemon and no
Split the prunes in halves and remove the pits before laying them on the
pie crust.
After the first layer is in sprinkle it well with sugar, then pour over
the sugar three or four tablespoons of the prune juice and dust the
surface lightly with flour.
Repeat this process till there are three layers, then cut enough of the
paste in strips to cover the top of the fruit with a lattice crust and
bake the pie in a rather quick oven.
Few pies can excel this in daintiness of flavor.

Other Recipes

Prune Pie

Prunes that are too dry to eat without stewing, can be made into good

pies. Turn enough boiling water on the prunes to cover them, set them on

a few coals, and let them remain till swelled out plump. If there is not

water sufficient to make a nice syrup for the pies, add more, and season

them with cinnamon or cloves. The juice and grated peel of a lemon gives

them a fine flavor. Add sugar to the taste, and bake them in deep pie


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