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(Desserts) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Soak one-half pound of prunes in cold water overnight. In the morning
let them simmer in this water until they are very soft. Remove stones
and rub through strainer. Add one-half cup of sugar and cook five
minutes or until the consistency of marmalade. When the fruit mixture is
cold, add the well-beaten whites of three eggs and one-half teaspoon of
lemon juice; add this gradually, then heap lightly in buttered dish and
bake twenty minutes in a slow oven. Serve cold with thin custard or

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Prune Whip

One-half pound prunes, one-half cup sugar, one-fourth teaspoonful lemon

juice, white of one egg. Beat white of egg to stiff froth, add slowly

three teaspoonfuls prunes, pressed through a sieve, then the lemon juice

and sugar. The prunes should be soaked over night in enough water to

cover; cook in same water till soft. Remove stones and force through a

strainer (use the yolk of egg for custard sauce). One egg yolk, one-half

cup milk, one tablespoonful sugar, pinch of salt, nutmeg. Beat egg and

sugar, heat milk, pour over egg, cook in double boiler till it coats the

spoon, about five minutes. Bake in a buttered dish, eight minutes in

slow oven.

Other Recipes

Prune Whip

Soak half a pound of prunes over night, then stew half an hour and

sweeten with half a cupful of sugar. When cool, cut in small pieces or

put through the colander, and stir in to the stiffly beaten whites of

five eggs, with half a cupful of granulated sugar. Pour into a buttered

pudding dish, bake half an hour in a slow oven, and serve at once,

before it begins to go down, with thick cream.

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