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(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Boil one pint of milk; beat up the yolks of five eggs in a basin with a

little sugar, and pour the milk upon them, stirring it all the time.

Prepare your mould by putting into it sifted sugar sufficient to cover

it; melt it on the stove, and, when dissolved, take care that the syrup

covers the whole mould. The flavour is improved by grating into the

sugar a little lemon-peel. Pour the pudding into your mould, and place

it in a vessel of boiling water; it must boil two hours; it may then be

turned out, and eaten hot or cold.

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Yorkshire Pudding

This is to be served with roast beef, and it should be baked in the
pan of drippings in which the beef has cooked. Mix a cup of flour
with a cup of milk, salt and one egg beaten. Bake quickly and serve at

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Marmalade Pudding

Cream half a cup of sugar and two teaspoonfuls of butter. Beat into
this the yolks of four eggs and one cup of cream or milk. Add a cup
of fine bread crumbs and the beaten whites of the eggs; then a cup of
orange marmalade, or some other fruit marmalade. Pour into a buttered
mould and bake one hour in a moderate oven. Turn out of the mould and
serve with a brandy sauce, or cream.

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Amherst Pudding

Line a baking dish with thinly rolled pie crust or puff paste. Fill
with the following mixture. A small cup of butter creamed with two
cups of sugar and beaten up with four or five eggs, a cupful of finely
chopped apple added, with the grated rind and juice of a lemon and
a little water. Sprinkle with nutmeg, and bake for half an hour in a
moderate oven.

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Chocolate Pudding

Grate one-half a pound of Baker's chocolate, and melt it in half a
pint of hot milk. Stir into the milk also half a cup of bread crumbs,
one cup of powdered sugar and the beaten whites of six eggs. Wet
a melon mould in cold water and pour the mixture into it. Boil
three-quarters of an hour. Serve with cream, or the following sauce:
Beat the yolks of six eggs very light. Heat a cup of wine and a cup of
sugar until the sugar is melted. Remove from the fire and stir in the
eggs quickly.

Other Recipes

Bread and Molasses Pudding

Butter thickly some slices of bread and lay in a baking dish. Cover
them with thick black molasses and bake slowly. The pudding should be
served hot, with thick cream.

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Take about half a pound of finely grated cocoa nut; beat up to a cream
half a pound of fresh butter, add it to the cocoa nut, with half a
pound of white sugar, and six whites of eggs beaten to a froth; mix
the whole well together, and bake in a dish lined with a rich puff

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Stone and pick some fine cherries, put them into a buttered mould,
and pour over them a fine batter well sweetened, tie over the mould
closely, and boil one hour and a half; serve with sweet sauce. This
is a delicious pudding; plums or damsons are sometimes used instead of

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Take equal quantities of bread crumbs, apples finely chopped, currants
and shred suet, sweeten with brown sugar, and mix all together with
three eggs, a little brandy, grated nutmeg, and lemon peel; boil in
a round mould from one to two hours, according to the size of the

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These are made in a similar way to Cumberland pudding, with the
omission of the apples, they are made in balls, and fried or baked in
cups. A sweet sauce is served with them.

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To one pound of currants add one pound of raisins, one pound of shred
suet, one pound flour (or half a pound bread crumbs and half a pound
of flour), a quarter of a pound of candied orange and lemon peel,
a little citron cut thin, half a pound of moist sugar; mix all well
together as each article is added, then stir in six beaten eggs and a
glass of brandy, beat the pudding well for half an hour, let it stand
some time, then put it into a basin and boil six or seven hours in
plenty of water; it should be seasoned according to taste with ginger,
nutmeg, cloves, &c. Serve with sifted sugar or whites of eggs beaten
to a froth.

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