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(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Blanch a pound of almonds, and beat them with orange-flower water, or

rose-water; boil a pound of sugar to a candy; put in the almonds, and

stir them over the fire till they are stiff. Keep them stirred till

cold; then beat them in a mortar for a quarter of an hour. Add a pound

of sugar, and make it into a paste, with the whites of three eggs beaten

to a froth, more or less, as you may judge necessary. Bake the puffs in

a cool oven.

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Put a quarter of a pound of fresh butter, and a tea-cup full of cold
water into a saucepan, when the butter is melted, stir in, while on
the fire, four table spoonsful of flour; when thoroughly mixed, put
it in a dish to cool, and then add four well beaten eggs; butter some
cups, half fill them with the batter, bake in a quick oven and serve
with clarified sugar.

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Put one cup of water and one-quarter pound of butter on to boil. When it
begins to boil stir in one-quarter pound of sifted flour. Stir until it
leaves the kettle clean, take off the fire and stir until milk-warm,
then stir in four eggs, one at a time, stirring until all used up.
Flavor with the grated peel of a lemon. Put on some rendered butter in a
kettle. When the butter is hot, dip a large teaspoon in cold water and
cut pieces of dough with it as large as a walnut, and drop into the hot
butter. Try one first to see whether the butter is hot enough. Do not
crowd--they want plenty of room to raise. Dip the hot butter over them
with a spoon, fry a deep yellow and sprinkle powdered sugar over them.

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Make a noodle dough with as many eggs as desired, roll out somewhat
thin, cut in strips four inches long by one inch wide.
Have a skillet half full of boiling hot chicken fat; drop in the strips,
a few at a time, baste with the hot grease until brown on both sides.
Remove to a platter, sprinkle generously with powdered sugar and
cinnamon, and serve.

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One cup of hot water, one-half cup of butter; boil together, and while
boiling stir in one cup of sifted flour dry; take from the stove and
stir to a thin paste, and after this cools add three eggs unbeaten, and
stir vigorously for five minutes. Drop in tablespoonfuls on a buttered
tin and bake in a quick oven twenty-five minutes, opening the oven door
no oftener than is absolutely necessary, and being careful that they do
not touch each other in the pan. This amount will make twelve puffs.
Cream for puffs: one cup of milk, one cup of sugar, one egg, three
tablespoons of flour, vanilla to flavor. Stir the flour in a little of
the milk; boil the rest, turn this in and stir until the whole thickens.
When both this and the puffs are cool open the puff a little way with a
sharp knife and fill them with the cream.

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Beat the yolks of four eggs until very light, add the stiffly-beaten
whites and then stir in two cups of milk, add a pinch of salt, three
tablespoons of fresh butter melted, and five level tablespoons of flour
that have been wet with a little of the milk from the pint, stir well
together and divide equally between cups. Butter the cups before pouring
in the mixture. Bake in hot oven until brown (generally twenty minutes).
Turn out carefully in the dish in which they are to be served, and pour
over them the following:

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Cream one cup of butter until soft, add two cups of sifted flour, mix
well, and add just enough sweet cream to make a nice dough, not too
soft. Roll thin, cut in long strips or squares, bake in long pans in a
moderately hot oven. When light brown, draw to the door of the oven,
sprinkle with powdered sugar and let stand a few minutes longer in the
Prepare one cup berry juice and sweeten to taste. Have ready a scant
half teacup of sago soaked one hour in water enough to cover. Boil the
sago in the fruit juice until thick like jelly. Beat up the whites of
two eggs and add to the sago while hot and remove immediately from the
stove. Mold and serve with cream or berry juice.
This mold can be made with any kind of fruit juice preferred

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Into one-half pint of water put one-quarter pound of melted fat; when
boiling add one-quarter pound of meal, finely sifted; it will form a
thick paste. Beat up four eggs, remove the mixture from the fire and
stir in the eggs. Grease some cups and put a spoonful in each; bake in a
quick oven. When done sprinkle with cinnamon and cover with clarified

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Two cups water boiled with one cup butter, one and one-half cups
flour; let stand until cool; then stir in five eggs, one at a time;
drop on tins by the spoonful, and bake. Open one side, and put in
CREAM.--Two cups milk, one cup sugar, three eggs, and one-half cup
flour. Cook like custard, and flavor with lemon.

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Spanish Puffs.

Boil 1 pint of raspberries and 1 pint of red currants in 2 cups of
water until soft; add 3 cups of sugar, some cinnamon, 1 cup of pounded
almonds and 1 tablespoonful of chopped citron. Let cook and mash until
smooth; then thicken with a little cornstarch. Remove from the fire
and pour into a mold. When cold, serve with whipped cream.

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Irish Potato Puffs.

Cut slices of stale bread; beat 3 eggs with a pinch of salt and 1/4
cup of milk. Dip the slices of bread in the beaten eggs and fry until
brown on both sides. Cover with pulverized sugar; sprinkle with
cinnamon and some finely chopped nuts. Serve hot.

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