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(Soups.) - (The Art Of Living In Australia)

1 small Pumpkin--4d.

2 oz. Butter--2d.

1/2 pint of Milk--1d.

2 Onions, 1 Carrot

2 quarts of Water--1d.

Total Cost--8d.

Time--One Hour and a Half.

Peel and slice up the pumpkin, onions, and carrot, put them into a
saucepan with half the butter, and sweat the vegetables in it for five
minutes, then pour over the boiling water and boil until the vegetables
are very soft. Rub through a sieve and return to the saucepan
with the milk and some pepper and salt; stir until it boils up.
Just before serving, stir in, in tiny pieces, the rest of the butter
and a little lemon juice.

Other Recipes

Pumpkin Soup

For six persons use three pounds of pumpkin; take off the rind, cut in

pieces and put in a saucepan with a little salt and cover with water;

let it boil until it is soft (about twenty minutes) and pass through a

colander; it must have no water in it; put about three pints of milk in

a saucepan, add the strained pumpkin, and let come to a boil; add a very

little white sugar, some salt and pepper, but no butter. Serve hot.

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