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Puritan Cabbage

(Vaughan’s Vegetable Cook Book)

Take half of a small very solid head of white cabbage, cut into eighths,

from top to stem, without cutting quite through the stem so that it does

not fall into pieces; cover with cold water for one hour; then immerse

it in a porcelain kettle of rapidly boiling water, into which has been

dropped a teaspoonful of salt and soda the size of a pea. Cover the

vessel well and continue boiling for five minutes; drain, cover again

with fresh boiling water and let boil for eight or ten minutes longer.

Take out of water, draining, flat side down, on a hot platter for a

moment. Then turn right side up, allowing the slices to spread apart a

little, and drop slowly over it the following sauce: One tablespoon

butter and two tablespoons sweet cream, melted together. Select and have

ready to use at once, eighteen or twenty plump, good sized oysters,

dried on a towel. Take a double-wire gridiron and butter it well; spread

the oysters carefully on one side of the gridiron and fold the other

side down over them. Have a clear fire and broil them quickly, first one

side, then the other, turning iron but once. Dot them over the hot

cabbage, giving all a faint dust of curry powder and two or three dashes

of white pepper. This is a most dainty and delicious dish.

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