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Quince Cake

(Pastry, Sweets, Frozen Delicacie) - (The Italian Cook Book)


The ingredients are about six pounds of quinces and four pounds of

granulated sugar.

Put on the fire the apples covered with water, and when they begin to

crack remove them, skin and scrape to put together all the pulp. Rub the

latter through a sieve. Put back the pulp on the fire with the sugar and

stir continually in order that it may not attack to the bottom of the

kettle. It will be enough to boil for seven or eight minutes and remove

when it begins to form pieces when lifted with the ladle.

Now in order to prepare the quince-cake spread it on a board to the

thickness of about a silver dollar and dry it in the sun covered with

cheese cloth to keep away the flies. When it is dry cut it in the form

of chocolate tablets and remove each piece from the board passing the

blade of a knife underneath.

If it is wished to make it crisp, melt about three and a half pounds of

granulated sugar with two tablespoonfuls of water and when the sugar has

boiled enough to "make the thread" smear every one of the little quince

cakes with it. If the sugar becomes too hard during the operation put it

back on the fire with a little water and make it boil again. When the

sugar is dry on one side and on the edge, smear the other side.

Other Recipes

Quince Cakes

Wash some quinces, boil them in enough water to cover

them, until they are tender enough to rub through a seive; to each quart

add a pound and a half of loaf sugar, place the mixture over the fire,

and heat to the boiling point, stirring it constantly, but do not let it

boil. Oil some plates, spread the quince upon them, and dry it in the

mouth of a cool oven. Then cut it in cakes, pack it in a tin box,

between layers of white wrapping paper, when it is thoroughly cold, and

keep it in a cool, dry place. A good dishful can be made for twenty-five


Other Recipes

Clear Quince Cakes

Take the apple quince, pare and core it; take as many apples as quinces;

just cover them with water, and boil till they are broken. Strain them

through a sieve or woollen bag, and boil up to a candy as many pounds of

sugar as you have of jelly, which put in your jelly; just let it scald

over the fire, and put it into paste in a stove. The paste is made thus:

Scald quinces in water till they are tender; then pare and scrape them

fine with a knife and put them into apple jelly; let it stand till you

think the paste sufficiently thickened, then boil up to a candy as many

pounds of sugar as you have of paste.

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