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Quinces To Preserve

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Put a third part of the clearest and largest quinces into cold water

over the fire, and coddle till tender, but not so as to be broken. Pare

and cut them into quarters, taking out the core and the hard part, and

then weigh them. The kernels must be taken out of the core, and tied up

in a piece of muslin or gauze. The remaining two-thirds of the quinces

must be grated, and the juice well squeezed out; and to a pound of the

coddled quinces put a pint of juice; pound some cochineal, tie it up in

muslin, and put it to the quinces and juice. They must be together all

night; next day, put a pound of lump sugar to every pound of coddled

quinces; let the sugar be broken into small lumps, and, with the quince

juice, cochineal, and kernels, be boiled together until the quinces are

clear and red, quite to the middle of each quarter. Take out the

quarters, and boil the syrup for half an hour: put the quarters in, and

let them boil gently for near an hour: then put them in a jar, boil the

syrup till it is a thick jelly, and put it boiling hot over them.

Other Recipes

Quinces To Preserve Whole

Pare the quinces very thin, put them into a well-tinned saucepan; fill

it with hard water, lay the parings over the fruit, and keep them down;

cover close that the steam may not escape, and set them over a slow fire

to stew till tender and of a fine red colour. Take them carefully out,

and weigh them to two pounds of quinces. Take two pounds and a half of

double-refined sugar; put it into a preserving-pan, with one quart of

water. Set it over a clear charcoal fire to boil; skim it clean, and,

when it looks clear, put in the quinces. Boil them twelve minutes; take

them off, and set them by for four hours to cool. Set them on the fire

again, and let them boil three minutes; take them off, and let them

stand two days; then boil them again ten minutes with the juice of two

lemons, and set them by till cold. Put them into jars; pour on the

syrup, cover them with brandy paper, tie them close with leather or

bladder, and set them in a dry cool place.

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