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Rabbit Soup

(50 Soups)

Cut up two jack rabbits into neat pieces; put them into a

stewpan containing one quarter of a pound of melted butter; add a slice

of fat bacon cut into small pieces. Fry for five minutes in the butter;

slice two small carrots, and two red onions, and add to the saucepan

with one bay leaf, one blade of mace, four cloves, a few green celery

stalks, one ounce of salt, and one long red pepper.

Pour over all, one gallon of stock; simmer gently for nearly three

hours; skim carefully; strain into a saucepan, and set on back of range

to keep hot, but not to boil. Add half a pint of dry sherry, and serve

with croutons. If not dark enough add a little glaze.

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Rabbit Soup

One large rabbit, one pound of lean ham, one onion, one turnip, and some

celery, two quarts of water; let them boil till the rabbit is tender.

Strain off the liquor; boil a pint of cream, and add it to the best part

of the rabbit pounded; if not of the thickness you wish, add some flour

and butter, and rub it through a sieve. It must not be boiled after the

cream is added.

Other Recipes

Brown Rabbit Soup Clear

Fry a quarter of a pound of onions a light brown; mince a turnip and

carrot and a little piece of celery; boil these until tender in three

pints of the liquor in which a rabbit has been boiled, taking care to

remove all scum as it rises; strain them out, and then pass the soup

through a napkin. The soup should be clear, or nearly so, but if it is

not, put it in a stewpan, boil and skim until bright; then throw in the

contents of a tin of Nelson's Extract of Meat, soaked for a few minutes;

stir until dissolved; add pepper and salt to taste.

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