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Radish Pods

(Pickles.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Make a pickle with cold spring water and bay salt, strong enough to bear

an egg; put in your pods; lay a thin board on them to keep them under

water, and let them stand ten days. Drain them in a sieve, and lay them

on a cloth to dry; then take as much white wine vinegar as you think

will cover them, boil and put your pods in a jar, with ginger, mace,

cloves, and Jamaica pepper; put your vinegar boiling hot on them; cover

them with a coarse cloth three or four times double, that the steam may

come through a little, and let them stand two days; repeat this two or

three times. When cold, put in a pint of mustard-seed and some

horseradish, and cover them close.

Other Recipes

French Beans And Radish Pods

Gather them while quite small and tender. Keep them in salt and water,

till you get through collecting them--changing the water as often as

once in four or five days. Then scald them with hot salt and water, let

them lie in it till cool, then turn on hot vinegar spiced with

peppercorns, mace and allspice. The radish top, if pickled in small

bunches, are a pretty garnish for other pickles.

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