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(Preserved Fruit) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

To five pounds of red raspberries (not too ripe) add five pounds of loaf
sugar. Mash the whole well in a preserving kettle (to do this thoroughly
use a potato masher). Add one quart of currant juice, and boil slowly
until it jellies. Try a little on a plate; set it on ice, if it jellies
remove from the fire, fill in small jars, cover with brandied paper and
tie a thick white paper over them. Keep in a dark, dry, cool place. If
you object to seeds, press the fruit through a sieve before boiling.

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Weigh equal parts of fruit and sugar. Put the fruit into a preserving
pan, and mash with a silver or wooden spoon; let boil up; then add the
sugar; stir all the time while cooking. Strawberry or blackberry jam
is made the same way. Thirty or forty minutes is sufficient time for

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Pare your pine-apples, and cut them in thick slices. Weigh the
slices and to each pound allow a pound of loaf-sugar. Dissolve the
sugar in a very small quantity of water, stir it, and set it over
the fire in a preserving-kettle. Boil it ten minutes, skimming it
well. Then put in it the pine-apple slices, and boil them till
they are clear and soft, but not till they break. About half an
hour (or perhaps less time) will suffice. Let them cool in a large
dish or pan, before you put them into your jars, which you must do
carefully, lest they break. Pour the syrup over them. Tie them up
with brandy paper.

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Red Raspberry Jam

One-third red currants, two-thirds raspberries, three-fourths pound

sugar to a pound of fruit. Boil until done.

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Raspberry Jam No 1 Very Good

Take to each pound of raspberries half a pint of juice of red and white

currants, an equal quantity of each, in the whole half a pint, and a

pound of double-refined sugar. Stew or bake the currants in a pot, to

get out the juice. Let the sugar be finely beaten; then take half the

raspberries and squeeze through a coarse cloth, to keep back the seeds;

bruise the rest with the back of a wooden spoon; the half that is

bruised must be of the best raspberries. Mix the raspberries, juice, and

sugar, together: set it over a good fire, and let it boil as fast as

possible, till you see it will jelly, which you may try in a spoon.

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Raspberry Jam No 2

Weigh equal quantities of sugar and of fruit; put the fruit into a

preserving-pan: boil it very quickly; break it; and stir it constantly.

When the juice is almost wasted, add the sugar, and simmer it half an

hour. Use a silver spoon.

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Raspberry Jam No 3

To six quarts of raspberries put three pounds of refined sugar finely

pounded; strain half the raspberries from the seed; then boil the juice

and the other half together. As it jellies, put it into pots. The sugar

should first be boiled separately, before the raspberries are added.

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Raspberry Jam

Pick over the berries, measure, wash and then crush. Put on to boil, and

cook ten minutes, stirring to keep from sticking to the pan. Then add

three-quarters the amount of heated sugar, cook twenty minutes longer

and pour into small jars, or in glasses that can be covered with

paraffin as soon as the jam is cold.

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