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Ratafia Cakes

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Bitter and sweet almonds, of each a quarter of a pound, blanched and

well dried with a napkin, finely pounded with the white of an egg; three

quarters of a pound of finely pounded sugar mixed with the almonds. Have

the whites of three eggs beat well, and mix up with the sugar and

almonds; put the mixture with a tea-spoon on white paper, and bake it in

a slow heat; when the cakes are cold, they come off easily from the

paper. When almonds are pounded, they are generally sprinkled with a

little water, otherwise they become oily. Instead of water take to the

above the white of an egg or a little more; to the whole of the above

quantity the whites of four eggs are used.

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