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(General Remarks.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Soak the crumb of a French roll and half a pound of ratafia cakes in
milk or cream, then mix with them three ounces of warmed fresh butter,
the yolks of five and the whites of two eggs, sweeten to taste; add
one ounce of pounded almonds, and a few bitter almonds, boil in a
shape lined with dried cherries, or bake in a cake-tin first well
buttered, and sprinkled with bread crumbs.

Other Recipes

Ratafia Pudding

A quarter of a pound of sweet and a quarter of an ounce of bitter

almonds, butter and loaf sugar of each a quarter of a pound; beat them

together in a marble mortar. Add a pint of cream, four eggs, leaving out

two whites, and a wine glassful of sherry. Garnish the dish with puff

paste, and bake half an hour.

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