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(The Italian Cook Book)

Put on the bread board about two pounds of flour in a heap; make a

hollow in the middle and put in it a piece of butter, three egg-yolks,

salt and three or four tablespoonfuls of lukewarm water. Make a paste

and knead it well, then let it stand for an hour, wrapped or covered

with a linen cloth. Then spread the paste to a thin sheet, as thin as a

ten-cent piece.

Chop and grind pieces of roast or boiled chicken meat: add to it an

equal part of marrow from the bones of beef and pieces of brains, three

yolks, some crumbs of bread soaked in milk or broth and some grated

cheese (Parmesan or Swiss). Rub through a sieve and make little balls as

big as a hazel-nut, which are to be placed at equal distances (a little

more than an inch) in a line over the sheet of paste.

Beat a whole egg and pass it over the paste with a brush all around the

little balls. Cover these with another sheet of paste, press down the

intervals between each ball, and then separate each section from the

other with a knife. Moisten the edges of each section with the finger

dipped in cold water, to make them stick together, and press them down

with the fingers or the prongs of a fork. Then put to boil in water

seasoned with salt or, better still, in broth. The ravioli are then to

be served hot seasoned with cheese and butter or with brown stock or

tomato sauce.

Other Recipes

Ravioli Of Spinach

Prepare a potato paste as for Potato Turnovers, or a good puff paste,

and with a saucer or tin cutter of that size cut out a circle. Place a

tablespoonful of spinach prepared French style upon one side, wet the

edges, fold over the other side and press it around with the fingers and

thumb, brush with egg and bake until a light brown. When served pour

around it cream or a cream sauce in which is a hard boiled egg chopped

fine, or peas.

Other Recipes


Ingredients: Flour, eggs, butter, salt, forcemeat, Parmesan, gravy or


Make a paste with a quarter pound of flour, the yolk of two eggs, a

little salt and two ounces of butter. Knead this into a firm smooth

paste and wrap it up in a damp cloth for half an hour, then roll it out

as thin as possible, moisten it with a paste-brush dipped in water,

and cut it into circular pieces about three inches in diameter. On each

piece put about a teaspoonful of forcemeat of fowl, game, or fish mixed

with a little grated Parmesan and the yolks of one or two eggs. Fold

the paste over the forcemeat and pinch the edges together, so as to give

them the shape of little puffs; let them dry in the larder, then blanch

by boiling them in stock for quarter of an hour and drain them in a

napkin. Butter a fireproof dish, put in a layer of the ravioli, powder

them over with grated Parmesan, then another layer of ravioli and more

Parmesan. Then add enough very good gravy to cover them, put the dish in

the oven for about twenty-five minutes, and serve in the dish.

Other Recipes

Ravioli Alla Fiorentina

Ingredients: Beetroot, eggs, Parmesan, milk or cream, nutmeg, spices,

salt, flour, gravy.

Wash a beetroot and boil it, and when it is sufficiently cooked throw it

into cold water for a few minutes, then drain it, chop it up and add to

it four eggs, one ounce of grated Parmesan, one ounce of grated Cheddar,

two and a half ounces of boiled cream or milk, a small pinch of nutmeg

and a little salt. Mix all well together into a smooth firm paste, then

roll into balls about the size of a walnut, flour them over well, let

them dry for half an hour, then drop them very carefully one by one

into boiling stock and when they float on the top take them out with a

perforated ladle, put them in a deep dish, dust them over with Parmesan

and pour good meat or game gravy over them.

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