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Red Deer Venison To Pot

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Let the venison be well boned and cut into pieces about an inch thick,

and round, of the diameter of your pot. Season with pepper and salt,

something higher than you would pasty, and afterwards put it into your

pots, adding half a quarter of butter, and two sliced nutmegs, cloves

and mace about the same quantity of each, but rather less of the cloves.

Then put into your pots lean and fat, so that there may be fat and lean

mixed, until the pots are so nearly filled as to admit only a pint of

butter more to be put into each. Make a paste of rye-flour, and stop

your pots close on the top. Have your oven heated as you would for a

pasty; put your pots in, and let them remain as long as for pasty; draw

them out, and let them stand half an hour; afterwards unstop them, and

turn the pots upside down; you may remove the contents, if you like,

into smaller pots; in which case take off all the butter, letting the

gravy remain, and using the butter for the fresh pots; let them remain

all night; the next day fill them with fresh butter. To make a pie of

the same, proceed in the same way with the venison, only do not season

it so high; but put in a liberal allowance of butter.

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