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Red Herrings With Potatoes

(Cheap Fish And Meat Dinners.) - (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)

Soak a dozen herrings, (cost ten cents,) in

cold water for one hour; dry and skin them, split them down the back,

and lay them in a pan with two ounces of drippings, two ounces of onion

chopped fine, a saltspoonful of pepper, and three tablespoonfuls of

vinegar, (cost two cents,) and set them in a moderate oven to brown for

ten or fifteen minutes; meantime, boil one quart of potatoes, (cost

three cents,) with a ring of the paring taken off, in plenty of boiling

water and salt, pouring off the water as soon as they are tender, and

letting them stand on the back of the fire, covered with a dry towel,

for five minutes; serve them with the herrings, taking care to dish

both quite hot. With bread and butter a plentiful dinner can be had for

about twenty-two cents.

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