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Rice has been cultivated from time immemorial. While not so valuable a

food as some of the other cereals, it forms the larger part of the diet

of people in the tropics and in semi-tropical countries, and is used

extensively in other places. It is eaten by more human beings than any

other cereal; is not equal to wheat as a brain food, but worthy of the

high place it holds in the estimation of mankind.

It may be simply boiled and served as a vegetable, with pepper and

butter, or served with sugar and cream. It is good cooked in milk. Is

baked like macaroni with cheese, and cooked in various ways in

combination with meat or vegetables.

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Chicken with Rice

Cut up a chicken and stew gently for ten minutes in a little water.
Add two ounces of butter, salt, pepper, mace and a green pepper,
chopped very fine, stew until done.
Make a form of boiled rice around a dish and lay the chicken in
the middle of it. Add to the sauce a good piece of butter with a
teaspoonful of flour rubbed into it and boil two minutes. Take from
the fire and stir in the yolk of three eggs, beaten with a half cup of
rich cream. Pour over the chicken and serve.

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To Boil Rice

Have plenty of salted water, with the juice of a lime in it. When
boiling add rice that has been washed in three waters. Boil fast for
sixteen minutes. Try a grain, and if done dash in a glass of cold
water. Drain at once through a colander. Cover with a cloth and let
stand by the fire for a few minutes, shaking up the colander once or
twice. This will make every grain separate.

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Scald till tender a fine summer white cabbage, then chop it up small,
and put it into a stewpan, with a large cup of rice, also previously
scalded, add a little water, a large piece of butter, salt and pepper;
let it stew gently till thoroughly done, stirring from time to time,
and adding water and butter to prevent its getting too thick; there
should be no gravy in the dish when served.

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Boil half a pound of whole rice in milk until soft, beat it through
a sieve, set it on the fire, with sugar according to taste, a few
pounded sweet almonds and a few slices of citron; when it has simmered
a short time, let it cool; place it in a mould, and when sufficiently
firm turn it out, stick it with blanched almonds, and pour over a fine
custard. This may be made without milk, and by increasing the quantity
of almonds will be found exceedingly good.

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Brown slightly one minced onion in one tablespoon of butter, add one can
of tomatoes or a quart of medium sized tomatoes cut in small pieces,
season with salt, pepper, one tablespoon of sugar and a pinch of
paprika. Simmer a half hour, strain and thicken with one tablespoon of
flour moistened with cold water, add the strained tomatoes and one cup
of boiled rice; let come to a boil and serve.

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To one cup of freshly cooked rice allow one cup of peanut butter, four
tablespoons of minced celery, one teaspoon of grated onion, one
tablespoon of canned tomatoes, and salt and pepper to taste. Mix well;
add the white of one egg, reserving the yolk for coating the croquettes.
Shape into croquettes and let stand in a cold place for an hour, then
coat with the egg yolk mixed with one tablespoon of water and roll in
stale bread crumb dust until well covered. Fry in any hot oil or butter

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Joint a chicken; season with salt and ground ginger and boil with water
enough to cover. Allow one-half pound of rice to one chicken. Boil this
after chicken is tender. Serve together on a large platter.

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Cut a three and one-half pound fat chicken in pieces to serve, salt it
and let stand several hours. Heat one-fourth cup of fat in an iron
kettle, add one medium-sized onion, minced; fry golden brown and set
aside. Fry the chicken in the fat and when nicely browned, add paprika
to taste and boiling water to cover, and let simmer one hour.
Soak one cup of rice in cold water, drain, add the fried onion and one
teaspoon of salt and gradually three cups of chicken broth, more if
necessary. When nearly done add the chicken and finish cooking in a slow
oven, one-half hour.

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Boil cabbage whole for five minutes; drain, separate the leaves after it
has cooled. Mix one cup of boiled rice with three dozen raisins, pinch
of salt, one teaspoon of cinnamon and two tablespoons of drippings. Put
two tablespoons of this mixture in three or four leaves, roll them and
tie together with string. Place in pan and let cook for an hour until
done. This dish is just as good warmed up a second time.
There must be sufficient fat and gravy to prevent the cabbage rolls from
sticking to the bottom of the pan which must be kept closely covered.

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Shell one-half peck of green peas and wash them well; if canned peas are
used pour off liquid and rinse with cold water. Heat one-fourth cup of
butter or other fat in a spider, add one cup of rice and let simmer,
stirring constantly until rice is a golden brown; add one quart of
boiling water, then the drained peas and one-half teaspoon of salt, and
one-half cup of granulated sugar. Place in pudding dish, set in the oven
and bake until rice is tender. (Serve hot.)

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