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Rice Cake

(Desserts.) - (The Golden Age Cook Book)

Four ounces of rice, a pint and a half of milk, six eggs, two ounces and

a half of sugar, half a cup of almonds blanched and chopped, two ounces

of stoned raisins, a little citron, three heaping tablespoonfuls of

dried bread crumbs, and four ounces of butter. Wash the rice and scald

with boiling water, drain and put it into the milk, which must be

boiling on the stove, cook until it is stiff like mush; remove from the

fire and stir into it the butter. When it is cool, add the eggs, one at

a time, the sugar, the almonds chopped fine, the raisins, a little

citron finely cut, and the bread crumbs dried and rolled fine. Butter a

mould, turn the cake into it and bake one hour in a moderate oven. Serve


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17 Baked Rice Cake

One pt. of cold boiled rice, mixed with a cup of cold milk, 1 egg, about

1/2 a pt. of flour just sufficient to hold it together. Put into a deep

pan and bake 1/2 an hour.

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Rice Cakes

(Frittelle di riso)

Cook the rice in milk, adding a small quantity of butter, some salt,

half a teaspoon of sugar and just a taste of lemon peel. Let the rice

cool down after being thoroughly cooked, then add three yolks of eggs

(for 1/4 lb. of rice) and some flour. Mix well and let the whole rest

for several hours. When about to fry, beat the white of the eggs to a

froth, add to the rice mixing slowly, and put into the saucepan with a


Other Recipes

Rice Cakes

Mix a pint of rice boiled soft with a pint of milk, a tea-spoonful of

salt, and three eggs, beaten to a froth. Stir in rice or wheat flour

till of the right consistency to fry. If you like them baked, add two

more eggs, and enough more flour to make them stiff enough to roll out,

and cut them into cakes.

Other Recipes

Rice Cake

Mix ten ounces of ground rice, three of wheat flour, eight ounces of

powdered white sugar. Sift the whole by degrees into the beaten yelks

of eight eggs. Add the whites of the eggs, beaten to a stiff froth, and

half a grated nutmeg. Bake the cake in deep pans as soon as the

ingredients are well mixed in. The cake will bake sufficiently in the

course of twenty minutes, if the oven is hot.

Other Recipes

Rice Cakes

Sift together six ounces each of rice and wheat flour,

(cost about seven cents,) rub into them four ounces of lard or meat

drippings, (cost four cents,) four eggs, (cost four cents,) and

sufficient milk to make a thick cake-batter; beat it thoroughly, pour it

into a greased cake-pan, and bake it one hour. A good sized cake will

cost about fifteen cents.

Other Recipes

Rice Cake

Ground rice, flour and loaf-sugar, of each six ounces, eight eggs,

leaving out five of the whites, the peel of a lemon grated: beat all

together half an hour, and bake it three quarters of an hour in a quick


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