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(Cereals) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Prepare the dough same as for Apple Strudel. Leave it in a warm place
covered, until you have prepared the rice. Wash a quarter of a pound of
rice in hot water--about three times--then boil it in milk until very
soft and thick. Let it cool, and then add two ounces of butter, the
yolks of four eggs, four ounces of sugar and one teaspoon of vanilla,
some salt and the beaten whites of two eggs, mix thoroughly. When your
dough has been rolled out and pulled as thin as possible, spread the
rice over it and roll. Add pounded almonds and raisins if desired. Put
in a greased pan and bake until brown, basting with sweet cream or
The cereals are the most valuable of the vegetable foods, including as
they do the grains from which is made nearly all the bread of the world.
For family use, cereals should be bought in small quantities and kept in
glass jars, tightly covered.
Variety is to be found in using the different cereals and preparing them
in new ways. Many cereals are improved by adding a little milk during
the latter part of the cooking. Boiling water and salt should always be
added to cereals, one teaspoon salt to one cup of cereal. Long cooking
improves the flavor and makes the cereal more digestible.
Cereals should be cooked the first five minutes over the fire and then
over hot-water in a double boiler; if one cannot be procured, cook
cereal in a saucepan set in a larger one holding the hot water.

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