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Rich Bread Pudding

(Practical Cookery.) - (The Most Valuable And Original Receipts)

Cut a pound loaf of bakers' bread into thin slices--spread butter on

them as for eating--lay them in a pudding dish--sprinkle between each

layer of bread seeded raisins, and citron, cut in small strips. Beat

eight eggs with four table-spoonsful of rolled sugar--mix them with

three pints of milk, half of a grated nutmeg. Turn the whole on to the

bread, and let it remain until the bread has absorbed full half of the

milk--then bake it about three-quarters of an hour.

Other Recipes

Rich Bread Pudding

Cut the inside of a rather stale twopenny loaf as fine as possible; pour

over it boiled milk sufficient to allow of its being beaten, while warm,

to the thickness of cream; put in a small piece of butter while hot;

beat into it four almond macaroons; sweeten it to your taste. Beat four

eggs, leaving out two whites; and boil it three quarters of an hour.

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